Brainstorming for My Visual Narrative

In 2006, at nineteen years old, I left America for the first time to save the world. When I came back home, I discovered the world had saved me. My visual narrative will tell the story of my connection to the profound and inexplicable joy in some of the Third World’s poorest communities. As the photo essay follows my experiences as a tsunami relief worker and English teacher in Thailand, my audience will catch a glimpse of the incredible personalities I encountered along the way. I hope it will challenge my audience to both appreciate what they have and consider what they can give to others.

While researching possibilities for this essay’s presentation, I discovered Magnum in Motion’s brilliant online photo essays. While my photography skills aren’t great, and I did not intend to make a photo essay while documenting my experiences in Thailand, I would like my essay to have a feel and presentation similar to those posted on Magnum in Motion. I hope to use a program like Soundslides to create this essay, but I am not yet sure how much text I can include in a Soundslides presentation. If Soundslides falls through, Prezi is a safe bet for this kind of project, and I am fairly confident in my abilities to create a compelling photo essay with it.

They say a picture says a thousand words. Since I only have a thousand actual words to use in this project, I hope I can gather a bunch of great pictures.