About This Blog

It is a shame that on the one day my friends and family gather to celebrate my life and shower me with compliments, I won’t be there to enjoy it.  Notes for My Funeral is a simple blog with a simple purpose: to help the poor soul who gets stuck writing my eulogy to do it right.  If there is an afterlife, I am certain a botched story or punch line would leave me with enough unfinished business to haunt my eulogist for decades.  I can’t let that happen to either of us.   Also, I think a well lived and documented life has much to offer the living.  I hope some readers will learn something from these pages before I succumb to my destiny as a root inspector. 

This blog’s subtitle, In Totidem Verbis, Non Omnis Moriar, is Latin for “In so many words, not all of me will die.”  I stole the second half from Horace’s Carmina.  Is it pretentious? Absolutely.   But I like the sentiment.  As we all know (some of us more than others), once something is published on the internet, it can never be un-published.  The words I use here to share stories and ideas will outlast me and, in some sense, make me immortal.   For free.  Which is exactly what I’m charging you to read them.   So go read, and please, if you have the occasion to attend my funeral, ensure my eulogist is not screwing things up.


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