RIP, Multimedia Composition

The University of Colorado Denver Multimedia Composition course began its busy, interesting life on June 6, 2011 and for eight weeks it educated, inspired, and challenged so many of us.  On July 29, it met its final end. 

What can I say about Multimedia Composition?  It taught me how to create a blog, to develop a multi-sensory narrative–even to create my own documentary.  In its short life, it inspired me to meet new technologies: CyberLink Powerdirector, Audacity, YouTube Downloader, MP3 Splitter, and Freemake Video Converter to name just a few.  And these are just the technologies I ended up using in my projects.  Multimedia Composition was never content with a simple essay; it always demanded the best, the most immersive, the most engaging work I could produce. 

When I chose to make my visual narrative with Prezi, Multimedia Composition encouraged me to add an unprecedented audio component.  When I complained about how difficult such a task was, it sent me straight to the FAQs and tutorials and told me not to come back until I found a way to make it happen.  I did. 

Multimedia Composition changed my life. I will never watch a documentary the same way again.  It showed me how even such a small project can take so long to create.  It gave me perfect shots I couldn’t use, great shots that eluded me, excellent segments that were too long, powerful segments that were too short.  I could go on for much longer, but I won’t.  The point is that this Multimedia Composition course taught me that creating a concise, informative, and engaging documentary is not as simple as slapping a few clips together and adding a soundtrack.  Because of its inspiration, I hope to make more projects like this in the future, and I know that with the skills I’ve gained because of it, those projects will be far less intimidating, and hopefully of an even higher quality.

So, today we lay this course to rest.  It has selflessly served so many of us well.  Rest in peace, Multimedia Composition.  You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.


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