Making Documentaries

This genre of documentary uses various types of multimedia to explore a story from an omniscient point of view, connecting an audience to a subject and inspiring them to action of some sort.   By profiling an individual, an idea, or a social movement through this expressive and creative medium, we can actually affect change in the real world. 

 Bill Nichols, a Professor of Cinema at San Francisco State University said that, particularly in film, “rhetoric swings us in the direction of particularity. It invites theorization that begins with immediate experience before it moves to abstract generalization.” If done well, this type of documentary turns typical information processing on its head.  Audiences can experience something in the confines of a 16:4 window, connect to it, feel the conflict, respond to the conflict in the context of the specific, and then extend that response to the general, the abstract, the every day.  In our case, a five minute documentary can, if done well, affect the way people view and respond to something in the world for the rest of their lives. 

This type of media offers us an incredible multi-sensory venue to explore our topics.  It combines the best of communication methods.  I hope my documentary is as powerful and informative as an end product as it is as a concept floating around in my head.


One thought on “Making Documentaries

  1. It is true that documentary filmmaking can indeed change the world. I am constantly amazed and inspired by so many beautiful, thoughtful and compelling stories being produced by so many talented filmmakers.

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