Constructing My Visual Narrative

I created my visual narrative with Prezi because my story’s tone is reminiscent, and its contents are scrapbook/photo-album worthy.  Prezi also offers structural options that align with the themes of the narrative; readers can either follow the path of the story exactly or wander off a bit and explore.  In either case, my point gets across and my story gets told. 

I decided to structure my narrative in a circle because the plot is circular.  I start off hoping to change the world, and I end up changing the world (albeit unknowingly).  I kept the body font a simple serif, with the exceptions of the tile and section subheadings.  With the parchment backing and all the other images, I think any other font choices would have been overwhelming.  I didn’t include the subheadings on the path because I don’t think such a short story necessarily warrants a dedicated focus onto its separate sections, but if I were to put this story on a canvas without a designated path, I would add the section headings to give it a broader sense of structure. 

I spent a lot of time working with sound in this presentation.  Outside of making Youtube videos, I had never used sound in a Prezi before, so I made it my mission to try something new this time.  I kept an ambient jungle track looping throughout the entire presentation to bring readers into the environment.  I also added sounds to certain images (e.g., the river under the bridge, the clucking chickens near the village boys, the children playing soccer, etc.) and balanced the volume and intensity of sound effects with the jungle track to make them work together.  I think the addition of sound adds an effective dimension to this narrative that people don’t frequently encounter when reading stories. 

The tension in my narrative lies between youthful expectations and reality.  In literary terms, this would probably fit in as man vs. self, with a bit of nature thrown in for good measure.  I went to Thailand as a cocky malcontent hoping to do something important and discovered with some well-earned humility that importance is relative.


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